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Tracklogs collected by OpenStreetMap surveyors

Image of the Week aims to highlight regular illustrations of OpenStreetMap work

Geograph Project

Take a photograph from every grid square within the Ordnance Survey grid system, at Geograph.

Snow covered train in Guildford


A Python GTK map to show the location of online FlightGear participants, overlaid on OpenStreetMap data

Python GTK Openstreetmap map showing location of online FlightGear participants near San Fransisco airport

Android applications

Date and time tools

Network and screen-calibration

Python Munin node

A pure multiplatform Python server to report PC statistics into the Munin monitoring system, on github

XKCD password generator

“Correct horse battery staple” - an implementation of the famous XKCD method, on github

Programming resources

Some slightly older resources, for programming languages...