Morocco trek, March 2009

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To Morocco, visiting Berber regions, trekking in the Anti-Atlas mountains.

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The people:

Moshin (cook), Mustafa (guide), and Hassan (learning the route)

Muleteers, guides, and driver

Day 0: Arrive Agadir

Saturday 16th March.  Afternoon flight via Casablanca to Agadir, arriving 1 a.m. at hotel.

View from hotel in Agadir

Day 1: Agadir → Taroudant  → Campsite

Sunday 15th  March

Meet group in hotel. Drive to Taroudant. Visit walls, get cash, lunch at restaurant. Buy water.  Drive to campsite

GPS trace: view on map, download


Taroudant town walls and gate


Sunset in mountains
Moroccan town

Day 2:

Monday 16th March

Flower fields. Visit house. Lunch by the well. Camp overlooking village.

GPS trace: view on map, download (some reception problems gave bad traces; correct route is the one going directly east from the road junction)

Morocco trek, panorama

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Lunch spot

Well Trees by lunch spot

Mining camp that we passed just after lunch:

Panorama of old mining camp


Day 3:

Tuesday 17th March

Climb Jebel Aclim. Descend with lunch on rock, to village with loads of people, camp by river.

GPS trace: view on map, download (part of morning missing due to battery dying, and late afternoon missing due to bad reception)

Panorama from approach to Jebel Aclim summit

The summit:

Group photo on summit

Panorama from summit of Jebel Aclim


Picnic in mountains

Day 4:

Wednesday 18th March

Climb over hills to village with millstone. Tea outdoors in village. Long dry trek to lunch in M'dint Oumouch ("City of Cats").  Afternoon washing and bread-making.

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M'dint Oumouch:

M'dint Oumouch

View down valley from M'dint Oumouch

Day 5:

Thursday 19th March

Over hills to lunch in town with cafe. Walk out down riverbed and climb up side of mountain before descending to camp in wild by pool. Swimming in pool. 

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Day 6:

Friday 20th March

Walk out down riverbed (visit cave) to irrigated town (TODO: name). Walk down road before returning to the valley from day 2. Lunch at original campsite. Drive to Taroudant. Coffee. Bathing. Shopping. Bar. Restaurant.

GPS trace: view on map, download

Flowers by riverbed

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Wheat fields in town:

Barley crops in anti-atlas

Day 7: Taroudant to airport

Saturday 21st March

Drive from hotel in Taroudant to Agadir airport and fly home.

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